Top Casual Dating Tips for Men

casual dating

Most single women like meeting a lot of new people, participating in a wide range of activities, spending time with folks and other activities such as sex without commitments and or expectations. This site has a list of classifieds and forums to get you started. These sorts of hookups and casual relationships can be quite fun, exciting, and flirtatious. They can be a single-night stand, or they may last a few months or weeks. No matter the duration of the casual relationship, these tips can help you make the most out of a relationship.

Know Yourself

The truth is that any particular relationship can become more enjoyable and go on smoothly if you know who you are and what you want from that specific relationship. You should be self-confident and strong in whatever you like and what you expect.


kissingIt is a good idea to be honest with yourself and any other person you have a casual relationship with. In fact, honesty is a must for trust to exist. If you start a relationship with partial truths or lies, it will be difficult to build long-term trust. Also, you need to impress on your date. You can impress on your date with interesting and exciting things that are based on truths and not lies and exaggerations.

Your Goals

You need to know what you want with your casual relationship. This is necessary if you want it to be a long-term thing. It is advisable to focus on values, personality types, and character traits. You can create a list of what you want your partner to have. Whenever you encounter any of these, you can make a decision. The good thing about having a list is that it will help you to avoid wasting time and effort.

Be Prepared

romanceYou want to make a date a successful one. Having a hookup, successful date, or casual relationship is your responsibility. As you know, you cannot read another person’s mind. Thus, the date cannot be successful if both of you do not make an effort. Therefore, you must be interested, interact, and listen. Act in a manner you want your partner to act towards you.

Do Not Limit Yourself

You need to keep a list of non-negotiable things to help you eliminate incompatible persons. However, you should not limit yourself to other things by having a long list of dislikes. Ensure you are open to some things.…

Why Foreplay Is Necessary for Good Sex

sexual pleasure

Sex can make or break a relationship or marriage union. The reason why most couples cheat is because of lack of sexual satisfaction. Failure to get the kind of pleasure needed from a partner may force one to go out and find it somewhere else. This may put a union in jeopardy. At times, one can contract infections which they can spread to their partner.

Speaking it out with your partner can help spice up your sex life. Tell him or her about where they should improve on or even suggest new things you can try out to make it more fun. One thing you can do is try the use of devices like a dildo that can help get you to orgasms fast. This might shock you, but yes you can pleasure yourself before during or after sex to attain multiple orgasms.

Make sure you discuss with your partner to find out if they are comfortable with it. Trying new things like different sex positions will also help spice everything up. You will be free with your partner even more. Foreplay is also vital before sex.kissing on the neck

These are the different pleasurable activities you can do to your partner before sex. Kissing and touching some of their sensitive parts are some of the best foreplay activities you can try. Here is why foreplay is necessary for good sex.


This is the main reason why many prefer foreplay before the actual intercourse. It helps stimulate different body parts to get one ready for sex. Those who have problems with low libido will get an erection during foreplay. Parts that are sensitive can get stimulated very fast during this period include the nipples, clitoris and the penis.

Set the Mood

Foreplay also helps set the mood for the actual act. Going into sex when you are all not ready might turn out to be more boring, and this may lead to dissatisfaction from one or both partners. Foreplay will get you both in the mood to get intimate with each other. You will both be stimulated and ready for sex.


Yes, foreplay is another way you can make your partner reach orgasm. Performing oral sexualthe pleasure of foreplay practices on your partner’s genitals or playing with them can make them reach orgasm even before the actual sex. There is nothing beautiful like seeing your partner orgasm before the actual act. You should try it to leave your partner satisfied.…