Why Foreplay Is Necessary for Good Sex

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Sex can make or break a relationship or marriage union. The reason why most couples cheat is because of lack of sexual satisfaction. Failure to get the kind of pleasure needed from a partner may force one to go out and find it somewhere else. This may put a union in jeopardy. At times, one can contract infections which they can spread to their partner.

Speaking it out with your partner can help spice up your sex life. Tell him or her about where they should improve on or even suggest new things you can try out to make it more fun. One thing you can do is try the use of devices like a dildo that can help get you to orgasms fast. This might shock you, but yes you can pleasure yourself before during or after sex to attain multiple orgasms.

Make sure you discuss with your partner to find out if they are comfortable with it. Trying new things like different sex positions will also help spice everything up. You will be free with your partner even more. Foreplay is also vital before sex.kissing on the neck

These are the different pleasurable activities you can do to your partner before sex. Kissing and touching some of their sensitive parts are some of the best foreplay activities you can try. Here is why foreplay is necessary for good sex.


This is the main reason why many prefer foreplay before the actual intercourse. It helps stimulate different body parts to get one ready for sex. Those who have problems with low libido will get an erection during foreplay. Parts that are sensitive can get stimulated very fast during this period include the nipples, clitoris and the penis.

Set the Mood

Foreplay also helps set the mood for the actual act. Going into sex when you are all not ready might turn out to be more boring, and this may lead to dissatisfaction from one or both partners. Foreplay will get you both in the mood to get intimate with each other. You will both be stimulated and ready for sex.


Yes, foreplay is another way you can make your partner reach orgasm. Performing oral sexualthe pleasure of foreplay practices on your partner’s genitals or playing with them can make them reach orgasm even before the actual sex. There is nothing beautiful like seeing your partner orgasm before the actual act. You should try it to leave your partner satisfied.…

The Role of a Dildo in Spicing up Your Sex Life

purple and rough dildo

Lack of sexual satisfaction is the main reason for most relationship squabbles. This usually happens when one partner is not satisfied sexually. Many are afraid of opening up to their partners for fear of breakups or disappointing their partners.  This is the main reason why they would opt to go out and cheat.

It is important to sit down with your partner and discuss on some of the things you can do to improve your sex life. Staying silent or cheating can only make matters worse. One thing you can do is use a dildo. A dildo is a device that resembles a penis that is erect and is usually used for sexual pleasure.

It is common among most single ladies and gay partners. Dildos can also be helpful for dating or married partners. Ladies can use it before or when engaging in the main act with their partners. They also come in different sizes so you should go for one that you will find comfortable using.translucent dildo

Dildos have unique features that are meant to give one pleasure. You will find those that can vibrate, roll while others are curved to hit your pleasurable spots better. They play an essential role in spicing up your sex life in the following ways:


These type of sex toys will make you reach not one but multiple orgasms. The various features in them will help trigger the orgasms. Having a 7-inch dildo vibrating on your clitoris or a curved one hitting your g spot will make you feel like you are on some other level. Those who have partners tend to enjoy more when using this device. You will get the satisfaction that you need.


Vaginal penetration is something else that is pleasurable for most ladies. Having the right size of dildo will make you feel it penetrating the way you need. What’s more pleasurable is having one penetrating and at the same time vibrating inside you. This will make you reach multiple orgasms and feel satisfied.


The use of dildos is much safer for those who use other dangerous items or objects that may causegreen dildo vaginal injuries. We’ve heard of ladies who go to the extent of using cucumbers to pleasure themselves but end up getting injuries. Dildos can also be a good alternative for partners who do not want to contract sexually transmitted infections.…